Nanjing Xiaozhuang University

nxzuimgTao Xingzhi a renowned 20th-century Chinese educator and reformer founded Nanjing Xiao Zhuang University (NXZU) situated at the heart of Nanjing city, in 1927. NZXU excels at Education study integrated with a well-balanced expansion of multiple disciplines in Science, Engineering, Culture, Finance, Economy, Law and Management.

The current enrolment of the university stands at more than 16,000 full time students as well as over 9000 students enrolled in various types of adult continuing education programs. At present, NXZU has 70 specialized undergraduate majors; sixteen of these are in the normal college coupled with 200 foreign students representing 22 different countries.

NXZU has twelve subsidiary colleges, two research centers, and seven research institutes, the China-Korea IT Institute and The School of Overseas Education.

NXZU has two beautiful campuses, the Mochou campus and the Fangshan campus covering an area of 300 acres. The university employs over 1100 instructors; Most of NXZU faculty members are internationally known researchers and scholars. More than 60% full-time faculty members hold a Ph.D. Students at NXZU will be under direct guidance from professors who are prominent in their fields—people who are creating new knowledge in engineering, science, business, arts, education, health care, technology, social science, humanities, and liberal arts.

NXZU places great importance on international exchange and educational cooperation, as well as on opening education to the outside world. The university has established amicable and cooperative relations with institutes of higher education in the United States, Canada, England, France, Russia, Japan, Korea and other countries and regions. NXZU endeavors to create an open, multi-discipline, nationally recognized university that incorporates research and practices the educational philosophy of founder Tao Xingzhi, one that will make even greater contributions to Nanjing, city of culture and education.

Why to Choose NXZU ?

  • Top Provincial University
  • 18,000 full-time students
  • University located at the heart of Nanjing
  • Most affordable University
  • More than 500 International Students
  • Full/partial Scholarship available

NXZU Furnish

Most Affordable University
35 Countries represented by International Students
Provincial and Nanjing governmental Scholarship available