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Usually I don’t even consider beer at 10 a.m., but World Cup games on a weekend open up new vistas with respects to the consumption of barley-based beverages. The Globe and Mail’s Beppi Crossariol was kind enough to advise his readers on this issue.

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Not covering a drug war

Reynosa, Mexico — which lies just south of the U.S. /Texas border, but about 100 kilometres west of the Gulf of Mexico — is in the grip of a vicious drug war. However, you won’t find the local news media covering it, or local government officials commenting (albiet with good reason, given the level of […]

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The Gordon Lightfoot cockup

A news organization puts out a story saying Canadian folksinging legend Gordon Lightfoot is dead — based on an anonymous source with no apparent attempt to verify the story. Zaniness ensues.

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CBC goes outside again to hire new CBCNews.ca head

From CBC.ca: (posted April 28) Former BBC News editor Rachel Nixon has been appointed director of digital media for CBC News, the CBC announced Tuesday. A journalist with a print background, Nixon joined the BBC in 1998 and held a host of different positions at the British public broadcaster over the next nine years, including […]

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My TIFF 2008 picks

Here's my TIFF draw picks. Wish me luck! First choices – Soul Power – JCVD – Synoche, NY – Eden Log – Detroit Metal City – One Week – The Burrowers – Adam Resurrected – Of Time and the City – Linha de Passe Second choices – The Real Shaolin – At the Edge of […]

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Gas is still not that expensive

You may be asking on what I base the above observation, given that gas in southern Ontario has gone up to $1.33 per litre in recent days. I base it on driving behaviour. I went out for what has become an annual trip to fish Loughborough Lake north of Kingston, which necessitates driving eastward on […]

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